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Airnoggin Helmet

Airnoggin Helmet

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  • Only inflatable bike helmet, also foldable bike helmet, in the world that has exceeded all the safety requirements required by the U.S. and Consumer Product Safety Commission and EU Safety Standards

  • 5 Star Rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab

  • Designed with a Head Trauma Protection System for rotational impact safety

  • Reduces in size by 60% when folded, making it the smallest and one of the safest helmets in the world


Weight 1Lbs

Collapses to 60% of original size

Care information

Use only mild soap and water to clean the helmet.

Helmets that have sustained an impact should be destroyed and replaced. Impacts can cause unseen damage to the helmet. Contact with solvents, bleaches, strong
detergents and hair solutions can damage the helmet and such damage may not be
visible to the user.

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