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Airnoggin Technology

Airnoggin Patented Head Trauma Protection System® provides cutting-edge safety with scooter and bike share riders in mind. Rotational Impact Protection via Multi-panel impact-absorbing interior mitigates torque-induced injuries caused by impact collisions.

Airnoggin received a 5-Star rating from Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, a renowned helmet testing facility including 6th best in the world for the Urban bike helmet category. 

Looking towards the future, Airnoggin is redefining the bike helmet for urban commuters by seamlessly blending 5-Star safety with unrivaled convenience, luxury, and style.

Imagine a world where cumbersome, hardshell helmets are a relic of the past.

Airnoggin's soft and foldable helmets provide top-tier protection, employing some of the same technology used by NASA for aeronautical safety. While the idea of a "soft helmet" offering superior protection to hardshell helmets hard to picture, please know Airnoggin safety technology has been in the making for years, ensuring your safety on every ride.

But safety isn't the only priority; convenience takes center stage. 

Easily collapsible, our helmets fit into your daily life as easily as your smartphone or keys. Beyond functionality, Airnoggin is committed  to luxury and fashion-forward design.

In collaboration with the designer Pierre Courtial, each Airnoggin CityCap is a statement piece and handcrafted in Paris with the highest quality materials available. The CityCaps are available in a variety of colors and chic styles to complement your fashion sense.

With Airnoggin, you no longer have to choose between safety and style. Ride in confidence, ride in luxury, and most importantly, ride in style.